Hey! Whats up? Thanks for checking us out online.

Here’s the bit where I get to talk all about me. So, here goes… Well, I’m a guy, named Hobson, who was born in Vancouver BC on Remembrance Day ‘93, and well, through the years I’ve developed into somewhat of a geek. I love technology – just not the math that may be involved. Some things I do outside of Prime Earth include: photography, video production, web design as well as some desktop publishing. In my spare time I like to bike, swim, take photos, and a whole bunch of other things that I can’t even think of right now. At school I am actively involved with audio/visual technical support for almost all of the events. I volunteer a lot in the school – and I guess that’s what urged me to start up Prime Earth.

Prime Earth Environmental Association: it has a ring to it, don’t you think? It all started one day when I noticed the amount of batteries that were being used in the school auditorium as I was working. I wanted to throw them out, but something didn’t feel ethical about doing so. So I quickly gathered them up (at the time, there were only four 9V batteries), stored them in my locker, and proceeded to research on ways to recycle batteries. Then, it clicked – why not offer battery recycling at the school? Friends latched onto the idea and it simply snowballed from there.

Now that we’re an official non-profit led by youth (or “young adults”) for youth, we are able to connect as a community of concerned young individuals, dedicated to working on a cause together. I believe that starting up Prime Earth is a huge step in solving our global climate crisis. It shows our parents, politicians, important individuals, and ultimately, the world that we, as young adults, have a voice and that we need to be heard. We do not agree to the things that have been done, we do not agree to the pollution being produced, and we need to see a difference being made - now. We need to step up, for this will be our lives, our communities, our planet, and our earth - Prime Earth. Together, we can make a difference.