Hey!  I’m Tanya, a Senior Member of Prime Earth Environmental Association.  Aside from loving to do environmental stuff, I love music.  I play the piano, clarinet, sax, and recently started up the bassoon.  One of my favourite things to do is sing and accompany myself on the piano.  I am currently working on my ARCT Diploma level in piano, and have earned awards from the Kiwanis and Richmond Music festivals.  Apart from music, I also love Tae Kwon-Do, and I hope to be a black belt very soon!  I also try to get very involved in my city, by volunteering and participating in youth driven events.  A random fact about me?  My biggest guilty pleasure is daytime soap operas!  I know they’re known to be watched by old retired people, but they’re just so good!  I love the drama and the complicated storylines.  My favourite soap opera is As the World Turns. 

I wanted to join Prime Earth because I really liked the idea of sustainability in schools.  I also had many ideas and projects that I was enthusiastic about, and Prime Earth would help serve as a platform.  I wanted to interact with others who had similar views as I did, and I believe that by uniting our ideas under one strong organization, we can really make a difference and prove that we are not just your typical teenagers.  I want to show that teenagers really care about important issues, and that one can really make a difference.  In the future, I see Prime Earth expanding to many other schools across the Lower Mainland, and possibly across the country.  I really hope that with PE, we can get the message out and show people that we must do something to make a positive impact on the environment.  Prime Earth is all about the future, and what we do now will hopefully benefit us and our society in the long run.